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Solutions that are guaranteed to increase Profits and reduce Used Car Marketing budgets.


Let Your Managers focus on leads and customers.

The car market was once a steady and predictable place with steady and predictable prices.  Used Car Managers were great at their jobs with smooth talking and keen negotiations. However, the market has changed rapidly. The days of simple pricing strategies are gone and the dealers who use them miss out on substantial profits. As the car industry reaches a lucrative peak, it's safe to say the job requirements of a sales manager have evolved to that of a stock broker. 

Allow us at Alpha Price to be your stock broker by handling pricing, stocking recommendations, descriptions, and multimedia enhancements. We allow your managers the freedom to make decisions without gambling your bottom line. 

Data Analytics Modernization

We use better and more accurate data points than any price guide and inventory software to generate you the highest selling price possible.

Versatility in Application

Our services and specialties appeal to a wide range of clients. Large dealer groups benefit the most through our pricing strategies while our smaller store's benefit highly from achieving relevancy within our algorithms.  We understand the individual needs associated  with different brands, stores, and regions. We adjust our strategies to your problems. 

Alpha "" Investment Strategies

Pricing a car to sell is easy, however managing your inventory flow for ideal profits is a rare skillset. Alpha Price maximizes data and technology to increase your store's capabilities through our tailored 90 day plan. 

Full Customer Experience Service

At Alpha Price we want your dealership to succeed as bad as you do. We only agree to work with clients who match our level of willingness. We don't believe in excuses, only solutions. Our customized 90 day plan will transform your store when implemented properly.

Only making money when buying cars?
Let us change that.

Anyone with 20+ years of dealer experience is familiar with the old adage, "You only make money when buying cars." In previous markets and technologies this old adage rang true. However the current market is highly tilted in the dealer's favor, if you know how to play the game. The game being: predicting fluctuations in the market, advertising your inventory at the right price, and stimulating current algorithms for relevancy.


Franchise dealerships are at a severe disadvantage to the large conglomerates in the used car market. Dealerships have limited focus on the three main problems: used car margins decreasing, inventory costs rising, and employee development becoming increasingly scarce.   

Let us take the guessing out of your current pricing strategy. Add an expert to your team for less than a sales managers salary.

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Would you trust your current Used Car Director to manage your personal finances? If your gut reaction to that question is no, it may be time to put your investments into the hands of our experts at Alpha Price. Allow your current sales directors to focus on what they do best, Sales and Great Customer Service.