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Profits. Process. Accountability.

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Inventory management


  • Better Pricing

  • Better Reporting

  • Better Descriptions

    • Improve Turn Rate

    • Increase Lead Count

    • Increase Sales Prices​

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Remote Sales Manager

Starts @ $6,000

50 Hour Packages

Is your team out of time? Only pay for the time you need. 

  • Billed in 15 minute increments.

  • Only pay for time working. We record our computer screen and send recording to the GM.

  • Complete CRM tasks

  • Confirm Appointments

  • Video emails to clients

  • Offsite Appraisals

  • Create Deal Sheets/Accountability for sales team.




Our Merchandising service is the best solution on the market for custom design. Stand out in the pack of inventory that looks all the same to customers. 



Pricing a vehicle is an art to gain the highest sale prices yet turn your inventory at the desire you want. Sell them for too high, and your inventory sits, sell them for too cheap and you miss out on gross. Alpha Price has the mix that matches to your style. Don't let an inexperienced manager gamble your bottom line. 



When you sign up for our Pricing + Inventory Plan, we come out for two days and define processes and find any opportunities for missed profit. We review your financial statements, and show how you compare to your competitors to become more profitable. From ad budgets to comp we review it all. 


Auction Photos

We help load auction photos as soon as you buy the cars. We want to get as much engagement in as short of time as possible to get leads faster and shorten the sales cycle. 



Do you managers have time to do everything they are supposed to be? Odds are they don't, we send weekly Save a Deal reports. Every Sunday, we review the Game Film from previous week, and send out the Game Plan for the next week. Don't look up at the end of the month and wonder what happened.  


Remote Sales Manager

Does your team need an extra person but the profit isn't there for an extra full time manager? Alpha Price has a team of sales managers dedicated to increasing your store's results. You only pay us while we are working on your store's needs. From completing tasks, sending video emails to customers, to anything else your store needs, we do it all. Hire an extra body but do not pay for a full time employee. We bill in 15 minute increments and record our computer screens to show you what we are working on, minute by minute. 

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