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What our clients say...


Chevrolet Dealership

Finding the right sales manager was impossible for our store. Going through scores of sales managers that weren't up to our standards. With Alpha Price, I know our inventory is taken care of and the sales price isn't a random number but a calculated decision every time. Our average sales price went up and gross followed. 


CDJR Dealership

This is the first solution where the system is calculated to maximize our gross profit. They don't price everything so cheap where we sell the same car 5 times, and instead price them just at the right level to maximize gross and deliver the inventory turns I want. 

land rover.jpeg

Land Rover Dealership

I was looking for someone that would treat my inventory like my financial advisor does. Before, sales managers would select a price based on"like mine." Now we price vehicles with the future in mind, and it's priced regularly. 


Ford Dealership

We got more leads at a higher price just like they said. This tool is magic. 


Ford Dealership

I always had to tell my sales managers to go through pricing. It was a constant source of frustration as they wouldn't do every car, and they wouldn't do it regularly. Now with Alpha Price, my  inventory is taken seriously and my managers get a weekly report of how to desk deals. 


Luxury group

I could never figure out why no one thought of this before. I want someone to manage millions of dollars of inventory like it is worth millions of dollars. 

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