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What We Do

Your first step to becoming an Alpha Price client is consulting with our CEO. We discuss your unit goals, inventory turn rate, and profitability objectives. 

Your Asset Manager relationship

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We invest in you &
your goals

Reaching dealership goals is a journey. We work with your team daily to receive results. 

Services we provide


Create a tailored inventory strategy

The best results come from a strategy. Our strategies factor in all variables from seasonality to new car market supply. Monthly variabilities become minimized as your supply begins to meet the demands of your PMA. 


Utilize Algorithm Pricing

Our Pricing is more dynamic and  effective than any human. Our system learns and continuously monitors real time performance. This guarantees a 2.4% higher sale price and delivers a $630 increase gross.


Execute unique retail strategies

Your virtual merchandising will stand out among the rest for higher CTR's and leads sooner in the funnel. We offer unique solutions that no one does and allows you to perform better. 


Work daily with your team

Teamwork is how we accomplish your goals of more gross and more sales. We send weekly reporting to your team on the leads that matter, hot cars, cold cars, and everything in between. 

Our approach to Pricing

Our approach to pricing is the most important thing we do. We utilize the fundamentals of having a successful inventory, yet the latest technology to

increase your lead count and your Price-to-Market.

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