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Who is more effective at pricing?

Updated: Dec 29, 2022

We get the question all the time, how can you be more effective than my sales managers at pricing? The response is simple, how are they doing?

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result. I often think of the early 1900s when financial advisors began interpreting the stock market for customers. A person that daily analyzes data and advises multiple high end clients on how they can make more money. Successful people realize that they can't do everything so they delegate to experts.

Delegate to an expert

The car market was once a steady and predictable place with steady and predictable prices. Used Car Managers were great at their jobs with smooth talking and keen negotiations. However, the market has changed rapidly. The days of simple pricing strategies are gone and the dealers who use them miss out on substantial profits. As the car industry reaches a lucrative peak, it's safe to say the job requirements of a sales manager have evolved to that of a stock broker.

Allow us at Alpha Price to be your stock broker by handling pricing, stocking recommendations, descriptions, and multimedia enhancements. We allow your managers the freedom to make decisions without gambling your bottom line. .

Last industry to utilize algorithm pricing

When you shop at a retailer like Target, a store manager does not set the price of their products. They don't set the price because there is a lot of science in getting a consumer to pay the highest price yet achieve the volume needed without having capital idle on the shelf. At Alpha Price, we understand the exact relationship between, shoppers, buyers, and owners. We maximize your gross yet perfect your sales volume to gain you the highest return on investments. Most stores ignore this ratio out of the blindness to "this is how we've always done things."

We never do things with that philosophy as it usually isn't the most profitable decision. Instead, we back every number up with reason and statistics, explore Alpha Price where we have over 10k+ retail solutions for every VIN. Contact us today!



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