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Financial Analyst

The benefits of an Asset Manager

Reaching the goals you have for tomorrow begins with a relationship today. It starts with an open dialogue that you can't have with an employee, instead talk to an expert with inventory management today!

Creating a long term strategy customized for you

Prepare for the unexpected

Our inventory summary is unlike any report on the market. It is laid out in clear financial terms. We analyze your inventory thoroughly to deliver your risks, gains, missed opportunities, R&D inventory and so much more. 

Detailed inventory gains

Our system learns and memorizes which vehicles you sell and sell better than most. We find the ideal "fill inventory" that you can regularly retail for the highest profits and turn rates. 

Market Declines

Selling depreciating assets, means we understand market declines very well. We feel as though you need an open and honest assessment of which inventory you should prioritize first based on the numbers, not by gut feel. 

Flip Inventory

Shouldn't your used car inventory help you sell more new cars? We identify the vehicles that are prime for lease flips. The goal of these inventory units are to sell more new cars. 


Consumer habits change during periods of inflation. Have you adjusted your inventory holding strategy lately? We meet your potential customers where they are at: not based on hope, but based in data. 

Long term Strategies

Our market data monitors new car supply and finds which brands are struggling the most. If your competitor is not in a position of strength, shouldn't you know? 

Using data driven decision making

Ups and downs in a market can lead to rash decision making. We do all of our pricing based on data and the guidance from experienced market strategists instead of simply reacting. We closely monitor everything from the searches being made by model to the leads being generated.

No manager can compete with data that we have. 

Questions your Sales Manager should answer

  • How do you choose the price on our inventory? How can you sell our cars for a higher price? 

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